Saturday, January 1, 2011

James Wilford Wardle Jr., My Father

My dad was the second boy born to his family.  His parents are Melissa Ann Shaw Wardle and James Wilford Wardle Sr. Before his birth his older brother, William Haston (named after his grandfather) and two sisters had passed away from the flu epidemic, scarlet fever in Pocatello.  My father took his father's name.

Little Willie

Lula and dad with other cousins

high school

after highschool

After Navy

Othello, Clerk to bishopric
sister Lula

Sister Verna

In Illinois

coworkers in Illinois, Dad back right

Dad in Salt Lake

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  1. Charlie Wardle: Billy the one you got label co-workers in Ill. I really think is a High school reunion in Rigby. I am not sure what year, 40's reunion I think.