Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Movie Review: ***Sweetwater Rescue


 This is a Lee Groberg film which I watched on BYUTV.  It was produced in 2006.  There is a companion book by the same name.   I have also posted today a link to the movie through BYUTV.  The movie tells the story from the perspective of the Willie and the Martin handcart companies.  It uses reenacting, voicing of journal entries and letters, and discussion to tell the story of these companies in which over 200 people died in 1856. 

The strength of this movie is its use of reenactment to portray the hardship which these pioneers endured.  It also uses several different sources including company members and rescuers. To watch the pioneers struggle through the snow brings these stories to life.

It also quoted Brigham Young's advise with regards to the handcart pioneers.  I would recommend this movie to someone researching the handcart pioneers.

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