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Biography of Isaac J. Wardle

I noticed that the church history website's history was different than the one in my possession.,18016,4976-10402,00.html
 I requested an entire copy, and this was sent to me by Tyson Thorpe of the church history library.  I have transposed it her which appears to come from the Family History of Olive Palmer Parkinson.  It includes a biography from Junius Wardle, as well as a concluding paragraph, I presume from Olive.  And then the writing of Isaac.  This requires me to go back and change some things in the history I have been writing.  He gives more detail in his schooling, and is definite about being in the Martin group leaving Iowa City.  I have left the typographical errors.  I also copied and pasted the part on the Church History website rather than retyping this.

Biography of Isaac J. Wardle
            Isaac J. Wardle was born in the town of Ravenstone, Lestershire, [Leicestershire] England, June 14, 1835, Third son of John and Mary Kinston Wardle.  As a boy he attended the common school of his toun [town] and Sunday school of the “Church of England.”  At seven years of age he began to work in a rope factory and continued there until eleven years old.  Then he entered the coal mines and worked continual[l]y for ten years.  Sept 23, 1853 he was baptized in the church of Jesus Christ of Lat[t]er Day Saints by Elder Fredrick Smith and was A[o]rdained to the Aaronic Priesthood and acted as a teacher in the Whitwick branch of the Church.  He emegrated to Utah in 1856, leaving Liverpool May 25, 1856 on the sailing vessel “Horizon”, under Captain John Reed and Captain Edward Martin.  There were 856 emegrating Saints in the company.  They arrived safely in Boston after a voyage of five weeks.  Then proceeded by tail to Iowa City and arrived there July 8, 1856.  From Iowa City the terrible journey was made across the plains in Captain Martin’s Handcart Company.  Having no relatives in the company and being young strong man took in my handcart a sick young man by the name of Langley A. Bailey and pulled him 1130 miles to Pacific Springs Wyoming having been meet there by horse teams we left our handcarts and proceeded on to Salt Lake City by teams arriving there on the last day of November 1856.  It having taken us 6 months and 5 days to make the trip from Liverpool England to Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.  He remained in Salt Lake City until April 4, 1857 then moved to  West Jordan to work for Alexander Beckstead until March 1, 1859.
            In company of Alexander Beckstead Jr. pioneered South Jordan.  On April 17, 1859 was married to Martha Ann Egbert.  In Sept 1860 went with ox team to Echo Canyon to me[e]t his Father, Mother and brother James Wardle.  In 1862 he again went and met his brother William and his wife and family.  In 1869 again went and met his brother Thomas and family.  September 23, 1867 was married to Mary Ann Ashton who died April 5, 1869.  On July 26, he was married to Sophia M. Myers.  In 1896 he was ordained an Elder by J.D. Long.  In 1873 was ordained a high priest April 24 by George B. Wallace.  In January 1879 went on a mission to England and was released to come home on account of sickness September 26, 1879.  On November 9, 1879 was appointed Superintendent of the South Jordan Sunday school.  Given to me, Olive Palmer Parkinson by Uncle Junius Wardle.

[Auto] Biography of Isaac John Wardle
Written by his own hand
            Isaac John Wardle was born June 14, 1835 at Ravenstone, Lestershire, [Leceistershire] England and was the third son of John and Mary Kinston Wardle.  I had four brothers and one sister.  I did not have the priveledge of attending much school as I was put to work at the age of seven years in a rope factory, at nine years went to work at the coal mines where I worked for ten years.  I moved to the town of Coalville with my family where I continued to work in the coal mines.
            During my early boyhood I attended the Sunday school of the Church of England.  In September 23, 1953 I was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by Elder Fredrick Smith.  I was confirmed the next day by Elder Smith.  I was ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood and acted as a teacher in the Whitwick branch of the Church.  I then moved to the town of Worsall, Staffordshire.  I stayed there until I had earned enough money to emmigrate to America, then I went back and stayed with my Father, Mother, Brothers and Sister until the spring 1856.  On the 19th of May 1856 I bid my family good-bye and left for Liverpool to sail for America.  One May 26, 1856 I boarded the Sail Vessel “Horizon” under Captain John Reed and President Edward Martin and counselor Jessey Haven.  There were 856 on board of Emmigrating Saints.  We arrived safe in Boston Saturday at 10 A.M. after five (5) weeks sea voyage. After 2 days proceeded by train to Iowa City, arriving there July 8, 1856 and went on to Council Bluffs. I left Council Bluffs in "Captain Martin's" handcart company. Being a stron[g] man and having no relatives in the company I took a sick young man (eighteen years old) in my cart. His name was "Langl[e]y A. Bailey", besides the sick boy I had 100 lbs. flour, a tent, and camp equipment for seven persons which I pulled for 1130 miles to Pacific Springs, Wyoming. John Bailey helped me pull some of the way. We crossed the Missouri River at Florence, when we left Florence there were about 740 souls in our company. With Edward Martin as our Captain we did not have much difficuilty on the road except a few visits from the Indians until we encountered a sever[e] snow storm at Platt[e] Bridge this was early in October. Then our old men and women and some of the younger children began to give out and to get sick and many of them died which I helped bury, but we kept moving on a little every day in spite of the cold and hardships. At one time I became so weary and over come with cold that I fell down and was forced to lay there for some time. About this time one day while we were stopped for noon two men rode into our camp, they were "Joseph Young" and Ephraim Hanks who had come to tell us that men where coming to meet us with teams and wagons from Salt Lake City. We met the first team at Pacific Springs, Wyoming who had provisions for us with them. By this time our company was much smaller than when we left Council Bluffs, as so many had died some had stopped at different places along the way. We proceeded on to Salt Lake City with the teams leaving our handcarts behind. We arrived there Nov. 30, 1856 having taken us Six (6) months and five (5) days to come from Liverpool England to Salt Lake City U.S.A.
President Brigham Young along with many of the other Brethern and Women came to welcome us and took us into their homes, fed and warmed us and gave us warm clean beds to rest our weary bodies.
I stayed in Salt Lake City till April 1857, then went to West Jordan to work for Alexander Beckstead untill March 1859.  In company with Alexander Jr. and my self we pioneered South Jordan.  Young Beckstead, my self and one other man dug six (6) miles of canal or ditch with pick and shovel, this being the first ditch carr[y]ing water out of the Jordan River for irrigation.  Purposes in the Salt Lake County.
On April 17 I married Martha Ann Egbert, grand daughter of Alexander Beckstead Sr.  In Sept 1860 I sent with ox-team to Echo Canyon to meet my father and mother and brother James Wardle.  In 1862 went and meet my brother William his wife and family.  Sept 23, 1867 I was married to Mary Ann Ashton who died April 5, 1869 at child birth.  On July, 1869 I was married to Sophia Myers.  In 1867 I was ordained an Elder by J.B. Long.  In 1873 I was ordained a Seventy by Joseph Young Sr.  I was ordained a High Priest April 24, 1897 by George B. Wallace.
I went on a mission to England in January 1879, was released to go home September 26, 1879 because of illness.  On November 9, 1879 I was appointed Suprintendant of the South Jordan Sunday School.  In 1900 I moved with my two wives and families to parker Idaho.
He and his three wives received their endowments at the Old Endowment House in Salt Lake City.  He Died October 31, 1917 at Heman Idaho in Fremont County at the age of Eighty-two years and four months.

If anyone else in the family has a history, or writing from Isaac, please let me know, so the history can be complete as possible.  My email is


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