Sunday, March 4, 2012

Isaac Wardle History: Forward


            I am attempting to write a history of Isaac Wardle, Mormon pioneer.  I have in my possession two autobiographical histories, and four other histories written about him.  I now also have access to Isaac's missionary letters.
In this history I am going to attempt to tell the story of the Martin Handcart Company; but to do so in such a way that it will give some idea of the things that Isaac went through during this journey.  A fellow pioneer said, “The whole story of the travels and sufferings of the Martin and Tyler Handcart companies that arrived in Salt Lake City on the Sunday of Nov. 30, 1856, can never be written or told.”  (Jones, Samuel, Church History)  This is a true statement.  The entire story cannot be told, not even Isaac’s entire story.  John Jaques also echoed this sentiment.  “No human being knows it all.”  (Jaques, Church History)  But maybe we can have bring to light a little bit more of the picture, and thereby appreciate the man. 
            Of course there was more to Isaac’s life than the handcart trek.  This history will also explore these other scenes; before his trek, as well as his life in Utah and Idaho after arriving in Zion.  I will present the things going on around him at the time, and try to relate them to Isaac.  Of course in this, we may have to draw some of our own conclusions.  We cannot know in all occasions, how Isaac reacted to and responded to events around him.  But we can know the scope of what his happening, and infer how this may have affected him. 


  1. I am also a descendent of Isaac Wardle. What are the titles of the autobiographies you have. I have been looking for some original sources from him for some time without luck.

  2. They really don't have titles, just as written in his own words. They are both transcribed on my bog. I also have two histories, one written by Orrin Wardle and the other by Mary Ann Tompson Rupp. I have not transcribed these. I have heard of another history and will try to get a copy of it. Billy