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My Morther's Sister, Marion Ruth Springall

Ruth was my mother's older sister.  She was actually born to Bill Springall and my grandmother.  Bill Springall passed away and my mother's father was Charles Wright.  My mother was asked to give the eulogy at her funeral, and these are my mother's words:
On a beautiful spring day of May 27, 1916 at Salt Lake City, Utah a tiny black-haired baby girl was born to William E. Springall and Mina Geneve Brandley Springall.  This baby daughter who was blessed to have been born into a family of one sister, Helen and a brother Robert, whom they called "Bob".  Helen and Bob both took great pride in teaching and helping Marion Learn.  Marion Brought much joy and happiness into their home.
Marion started school in Salt Lake City, she loved school and made many friends.
On January 11, 1923 a baby brother William Earl came into the family.  Marion loved her baby brother and enjoyed helping to care of him.
When Marion was 9 years old her father took sick with pneumonia and he passed away December 20, 1925.  What a sad Christmas for everyone.
Marion was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on February 27, 1926.
Marion's mother took in children to tend, to support her family and Marion had to help tend these children.  At one time mother had over 20 children.
Marion was 12 years old when her mother married Charles J. Wright on May 31, 1927 and the family moved to Lincoln, Idaho where dad worked at the Utah Idaho Sugar Factory.  Marion dearly loved her new father and he loved and respected her.  Marion graduated from the 8th grade at Lincoln Elementary School.
When Marion was 13 yeas old twin girls (Charleen and Ileen) came into the family and 18 months later Rose Marie was born.  Marion was kept busy helping her mother with doing more than her share of the work but she dearly loved these new sisters.
In her late teens she lived with Mr. and Mrs. Auston and did housework.  Marion met John Delbert Robinson at a dance.  They dated for a time and this was the starting of true love.  They were married November 9, 1935.  Marion and Delbert made their first home in Lincoln across from the church house.  While living there a beautiful boy came into their home September 19, 1936.  He was the joy of their life.  They named him Delbert Ray.  They were so proud of this baby boy you could see laughter in their eyes.  (Even though Ray didn't have any hair until he was over a year old.)  The years sped by.  Marion's memories of Ray's childhood days were never forgotten.
They moved to Roberts, Idaho while Ray was still a baby and Delbert worked with his brother, Alvin, on a farm for Mr. Portivan.  They had a lovely home on the farm and they both loved beautiful clean things.  They made a house a home.
When Ray was about 18 months old a beautiful baby girl (Marion Faye) came into their home on February 22, 1938.  Faye was a sweet loving baby.  Ray and Faye were always so cute together and my sisters and I loved to go to the farm to tend them.  Marion always kept them so clean.
Marion was a wonderful cook.  Raisin cookies, chocolate cake, lemon and peach pie were her specialties.
When I was in high school, my sister and about twelve other girls from Lincoln went to the farm and stayed over two weeks picking potatoes and Marion cooked for all of us.
Delbert and Marion were so devoted and kind to each other.  They were an ideal couple.  Delbert was always singing "You are my Sunshine" to Marion.
Delbert, Marion and family moved to Idaho Falls, Idaho in 1946 where Delbert forked for John Deere and Marion went to work at the White Star Laundry.  They had a lovely home on Placer Ave.
On  July 16, 1953 they were sealed in the Idaho Falls Temple.
They moved to California in 1954 and moved to their home, where Marion still resided until her death.  Delbert worked at the Caterpillar Company and Marion worked in a laundry until she had to take a medical leave.  Marion always found time for her hobbies, crocheting, making pillows, and quilt blocks.  Marion was never idle.
Faye married J.R. Schmeir and to them was born their first grandchild, Pam.  Ray went into the service and when he came home he met the girl of his dreams (Bernice) and they were setting their wedding date, when very suddenly Delbert died on the last day of August 1967.  This was a terrible shock and great loss to Marion.  Ray and Bernice were married shortly after and to them were born Delbert John and Later Christopher.
Faye died about ten years ago of a sudden heart attack, just as quickly as Delbert, her father.
Marion continued to have poor health and had to go on dialysis.  She was very grateful for the special help of Ray and family and granddaughter Pam.
Marion loved her home and always kept it spotless.  She was so grateful for everything she had and even though she was not well, she would not complain.  She had a great love for those around her and especially for her two special neighbors.
Ray and family were good, kind and loving and did a lot for her.  Because they lived nearly two hours away they were unable to spend as much time with her as they would like.  Marion did spend some Christmases, Thanksgivings, and other times with them but she was a homebody and would rather stay home.
Pam was always doing many things for Marion, doing her hair, paying bills, an helping to buy food.  She and Marion enjoyed doing things together.  Pam called her "Mom" after Faye died.
My sisters and I were unable to spend as much time as we would have liked with her because of the distances, but we enjoyed calling her and remembering special holidays.  In the last three years since my daughter and son have moved to California, I have been able to visit each time I came.  We would enjoy talking about old times.  Marion was always so sweet and when I would say "I love you Marion" and she would answer, "I love you too sweetheart."
In January of this year Marion was at dialysis and she fell as she was getting off the scales and broke her hip.  From then on she was in and out of the hospital many times.  She never walked again and had to have a nurse with her all the time.  Even though she was in a lot of pain, she never complained.  Her family spent many hours at her bedside.  Rose Marie and I were able to visit her in April. 
Marion will be dearly missed by her loved ones, Ray, Bernice, John and Chris, and her great grandson Jason, her devoted granddaughter Pam, Brother Bill and sisters Charleen, Rose Marie and myself Ileen.
In closing I would like to read a couple of poems:
Love Lives On
Those we love remain with us
For love itself lives on,
And cherished memories never fade,
Because a Loved one's gone.
Those we love can never be
More than a thought apart
For as long as there is a memory,
They'll live on in your heart.

Last Sunday, August 22, 1993 I was in Tremonton playing for my son-in-law and his daughter (Clyde and Geneve) to sing in church and I asked Clyde to write me a poem on death and I would like to close with it.

Delbert sat in quiet dignity, his years of waiting done.
Below his sweetheart lay abed and looked at everyone.
Her years of quiet longing, for his smile would finally cease.
That sacred place of her eternal mate
Would be filled as she at last knew peace.

Those sacred words they had uttered
Across the alter of the temple were said
Not "Till death do we part" they covenanted
But through all the eternities ahead.

Yes, the wait for them both is over
She will at last his countenance see
Never again will the be separated
But together they will be eternally.

I know there was much joy in heaven as Marion met her dear husband, daughter Faye, mother and dad and her father Will, Brother Bob and sister Helen and also all her loved ones who had gone on before.
May God bless this family that they may have comfort and peace.
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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