Sunday, October 26, 2014

Geneology Training

Northland Stake Family History Library sponsored a family history training yesterday.  It was well attended.  There was a training at the center in Tracy as well. 
I learned the benefit of having  I was wary of the new program as it only entered 5 generations of my information, and I didn't want to have to enter everything in my hand.  But I went to the end of my family tree, and picked a name.  I then looked up the name in search on  I found a document related to my great x 5 grandparents Abraham Brand and Margeret Francis and their children. 
It is so nice these resources are there.
What is new on family search.
Descendency View.  I am not sure if I like it, but this is a pictorial pedigree.  The traditional view is also still there.  A new feature is the ability to attach documents to an individual.  As you go through the people in your tree, when you get to the person page, there is a feature where family search may suggest several documents as being related to you ancestor.  You can review, and attach the ones you feel are actually referring to your ancestor.  This is like hint and
This are pretty cool.

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