Sunday, October 26, 2014

Grandpa Scoresby: 80th Birthday Party

Grandpa and Trent, Cammie's husband
Grandpa David Scoresby is Sheri's birth father.  He lives in Iona, Idaho.  He is the son of Alvin Scoresby.  This was a surprise party.
Charity and Camberly
Grandpa's siblings, Juneve, Lynn, Gaye, Ann and Grandpa (Uncle Jim has passed away)
Grandpa's chilren, Cammi, Grandpa, Sheri (my wife) Kirk, Mike and Garth
Grandpa's chldren and spouses
Grandpa with Mike and Sheri

Surprise birthday party for Grandpa David Scoresby held in Logan while everyone was already there for the Cody Beyster wedding the day before. 

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