Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hyrum Wright's Children

I found this photo in my mother's photo album.  It is labeled "Uncle Hyrum's Family."  It is likely taken about 1894 based on the ages of the children.  However, the only family I could find that matches on Family search is that of my mother's grandfather' The family of Hyrum Isaac Wright and Ann Elizabeth Harper.  This especially matches when my wife pointed out to me that boys under two were often dressed in what would be considered girl's clothing today.  This picture would not include the youngest two children.
 Children are: John Hyrum, Elizabeth Ann, Benjamin Harper, William Alfred, Charles James (my grandfather), Franklin Phipps, Reuben Albert, and Elbert Arlic.  The two children missing are Hannah Eileen and Isaac Leon.  As I look at this picture I am convinced the child farthest to the right with blond hair is my grandfather as a boy.  If you have a different view, I would love to hear it.

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