Sunday, September 27, 2015

Grandpa and Grandma Pohlsander and Family

I found this picture on family search.  It is a picture of Sheri's Grandparents on the Pohlsander side and their children.  I found it interesting as Grandpa Pohlsander looks a little like how John Pohlsander looks now, and John Pohlsander looks a lot like Jonathan looked when I first met the family some 30 somethings years ago.
Pohlsander: Alheit (Heidi), Bertha Wilhelmine Dora Shoeneberg,  Hans Achim, Jorn (John), Hermann Heinrich Walter, Ingrid  
This picture was taken in Germany.  Missing from the picture are two siblings,  Marlena had already immigrated to the United States.  Herm Gerdt Jan passed away at age 7 in 1940.

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