Friday, October 2, 2015

Elizabeth and Eileen Wright, My Great Aunts

Connie called, and indicated Aunt Charleen had a question about her two aunts who passed away young.  She was not sure of a cause and where my sister is now fighting cancer was wondering if their may be a genetic link to cancer.  This is what I was able to find on Family Search.

Elizabeth Ann Wright was born in 1878.  She was my grandfather's older sister.  She married Albert Carrington Heaps in 1899.  She had one son, Rulon Albert Heaps who was born in 1903.  She died in 1906.  She was 26.  The death certificate  cause of death as carcinoma of the intestines.
Hannah Eileen Wright was born 19 October 1894.  She was Grandfather Wright's younger sister.  She married Walter Cartwright in 1912.  Together they had three daughters: Ida Mary Cartwright, Edith Ann Cartwright and Blanche Eileen Cartwright.  She too passed away at age 26.  This time the cause of death is typhoid fever. 

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