Sunday, December 24, 2017

Aunt Audrey: Letter to my Mother

This letter was with a birthday card.  It is not dated but probably the late 80s.

Dear Ileen,
Your birthday again reminds me of how dear you are to me.  I hope you have a wonderful day. 
You have done so many great things.  Raising your family and having them all turn out so well is something not many people achieve.  You are so kind and loving to everyone around you that we all are blessed by our association with you. 
My children are all fine and doing well.  I don't know what I'd do without Carolyn.  We talk on the phone and see each other several times a week.  Her boys are her a lot.  One of them lives with me.
Roger calls me and stope by every week or more often.  He helps me a lot but.  But it is Carolyn who gives me companionship.  I am so glad you have Connie close by you.  Aren't we blessed?
 I hope you had a good time in California.  Dianna is a sweetie.
Weldon and Sue stop once in a while.  They have such a neat family  Sue is a special wife.  How lucky Weldon is.  I just hope he can pass that awful test. 
If you ever get to Salo Lake, I'll come by Logan and see you.  I just haven't gone anywhere driving. This awful weather I don't like to drive on the roads.
Jim called me the other day.  He and Jewell are living apart.  He bought a house that had up and down apartments.  They have been trying to evict the tenant upstairs.  It took a long time but they finally got them out and Jewell moved in.  So they are separated.  I don't know if this will lead to a divorce.  They are happier apart.  It was never a good marriage.  Jim is not the man you knew.  I guess he'll just have to bumble along.  His sons keep in rather close touch him him and I am glad for that. 
I hope you are feeling well, Ileen.  Maybe a little good weather will raise the spirits of everyone.
take care, dear sister.  Love Audrey. 
Audrey and Dad, photo from Charlie

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