Saturday, December 2, 2017

Biography of Hyrum Isaac Wright

This was likely written by his daughter Emilly Wright as there is a PDF biography in Family Search that is very similar.

Hyrum I. Wright, son of John and Charlotte Smith Wright was born at Lincolnshire, England, March 26, 1856. When he was four years old his parents moved to Lancashire and lived there during the cotton famine. In the year l863 they moved to Liverpool. During the three years that they lived in Liverpool, Hyrum worked with his father who was a brick layer and a mason. In June 1866 he left with his parents for America, sailing on the ship "Orkwright". After seven weeks and five days on the ocean they landed at New York and traveled by railroad to Omaha, Nebraska. From Omaha they came by ox teams across the plains to Utah, arriving in Salt Lake, October 8, 1866. Andrew H. Scott and John Haws were the captains of the company. On October 10, they came to Pleasant Grove where Hyrum's grandparents lived. A log house served as their first home in Zion and it was indeed a happy one. Hyrum attended school a small part of each winter. His teachers were William Frampton and his mother, and Eliza Brown. In l868 until l871 he took charge of a large herd of cows. Each morning he would gather up the cows around the town and take them to the hills to feed during the day. In October l871 the family moved to a farm in Lindon. His parents made their home there as long as they lived. Hyrum was baptized by Thomas Wooley in l867 and ordained a priest in l874. For three years, while yet a youth he worked in the United Order. At the age of twenty he married Annie Elizabeth Harper and to this union there were ten children, eight sons and two daughters. Only five sons are now living. Hyrum built the home now owned by the William Keetch family and lived there for seven years. He then built a new home in Lindon and at this place he started the Lindon Nursery. It was at this home his wife died May 13, 1902. He was married to Mary Bezzant one year later. Six more children were added to his family through this union. He continued with farming and nursery business until he moved to Pleasant Grove in l9l9. Father was ordained a High Priest in l905. He was chairman of the Irrigation Water Company for 15 years. Through his efforts in the nursery business he imported many new varieties of fruits among which are the Elberta peach and Cuthbert and Mullerbo Raspberry and many varieties of flowers. He was always a great lover of flowers and took much joy in working with them, and in this way he made the world a more beautiful and a happier place for all his associates.

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