Friday, September 17, 2010

Letter from Langley Bailey to Isaac Wardle from Mike Wardle

Mike Wardle, from Boise, Id discovered a box of items which must have belonged to Isaac Wrdle, my great great grandfather. I am enclosing my transcript of a letter that was in the box written my Langley Bailey to Isaac, when they were both older. This letter has been delivered to the Church History Library. I have tried to match Langley's punctuation as best I can.

Nephi Nov 28/16
Isaac J Wardle Esq
My Dear Most Respected Old Friend. How are you.
I was much disappointed because I did not meet you at our annual HandCart meeting.
I hope and pray that you are well in health in your old age. and prospering.
Very pleased to tell you I am well. getting old. This time last year I was in California. I visited Los Angles. thence to San Diego. thence to Old Mexico. thence to San Francisco. We took lots of trips. Visited the fair both at San Diego and San Francisco. With My wife son & daughter and daughters husband. We met our son at Frisco who had been to Autralia on a mission. we enjoyed our trip very much.
I organized a H.C. Daughters in Nephi. I am sending you a clipping of the Newspaper. thinking you would enjoy the lines I pened and wrote. Well Isaac I have got me an automobile. We take much pleasure in it, visiting around amongst relations. You and me are in much better condissions than we were at this time 60 years ago, I can remember one morning. every tent was blowed down. but ours. You did stake our tent down strong and firm My dear Brother. I honor and respect you much more than I can explain. You and my brother John (he was a boy 15) hauled me on the hand cart for hundreds of miles. Can I forget you. Can I ever repay, you for your kindness No, No,
I have just made my will. I have 6 sons & 6 daughters. I am doing right by all of them. All receive equal. I let nothing pass out of my hands until me and wife passes away. You know my second wife died. her children receives the same as all the rest.
You know I was on a mission in England. 4 of my sons been on foreign missions. Cross the deep sea. One of my sons has just gone on another mission. One of my sons is a Bishop. he seems to fill the bill well.
I will now Close my dear old boy. I am writing without the use of glasses. my hand is steady in March I will be 79. you are 81.
God bless you. May peace crown your latter days. Please let me hear from you. get someone to write for you
I am yours Very Respectfully
Langley A. Bailey

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  1. Mike,
    What else was in that box that belonged to Isaac John Wardle?

    Iva (Wardle) Beckstead