Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thomas Morton, aka Thomas Martin, Thomas Wardle

This is a picture of Thomas Morton, aka Thomas Martin, aka Thomas Wardle, the half brother of Isaac John Wardle, my Great Great Grandfather. He was a coal miner in England who followed Isaac to Utah. He settled in Coalville, Utah after living in the Coalville area of England. However the census data lists him as a farmer in Utah.

He was the son of William Morton, who passed away, and Mary Kinston. Shortly after the death of her first husband his mother remarried John Wardle, and together they had four boys and one girl. Eventually they all immigrated to Utah except for Hannah, Isaac's younger sister, and Joseph his next younger brother. His two other brothers came to Utah, William his older brother and James the youngest.

Joseph is mentioned with the family in the 1841 and 1851 censuses. However he seems to disappear sometime between 1851 (coal miners assistant) and 1860 when his parents immigrate to America. He was born in 1837, 2 years after Isaac.
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  1. Joseph's membership records were in the Staveley Branch of the British Mission. This record #21 gives his date of birth and death. Microfilm 087034.

    We don't know what branch he attended when he was baptized.

    He was baptized March 25, 1852 by Elder W. Smith and confirmed the same day by Elder T. or C. Ball.

    Elizabeth is quite possibly his wife. Her membership record #22 is right below his and she emigrated to America one month after Joseph died.

    Death certificate says he died 12 February 1861 of confluent of small pox 11 days and pnemonia 5 days. He lived at Barrow Hill, Stavely, England and the information was Mary Marsden. He was a coal miner age 23.