Wednesday, September 22, 2010


As I have been writing Isaac's history, I have some questions.  If you have answers and sources please let me know.

Is there documentation of Isaac chopping the trees at the Cove, or is this based on passed down family conversation only.  I have the one-page history Isaac wrote, but it does not mention this.

Did Isaac's father give him an ax to take on the journey with him?  I thought I was told this, but can't find it written any place.

Does anyone know what came of Joseph Wardle, Isaac's next younger brother?  Did he pass away before the family (Parents and James) crossed the plains in 1860.

Same goes for Hannah Wardle.  Does anyone know what came of she and her husband, Frederick Udy?  It is understood they went to Australia but is there any documentation?


  1. I have answers to questions 3 and 4. Joseph did pass away, Hannah immigrated to Pennsylvania. See the post from Patti Call

  2. I've also tried to find any documentation about the trees at Martin's Cove. The only sources I've been able to find for this are 1) the visitor's center at Martin's Cove and 2) a book called "Remember: The Willie & Martin Handcart Companies" compiled by the Riverton Wyoming Stake. I haven't been able to find it in anything written or recorded by Isaac himself. I am wondering if it came from the journal of someone else; maybe one of the rescue party or one of the other pioneers?

    I also haven't heard anything about Isaac's father giving him an axe for his journey. Immigrants (and pioneers) were encouraged to travel with only the essentials--and an axe would be useful to have--but I wonder if the story was manufactured for the purpose of enhancing the story about chopping down trees.