Thursday, October 14, 2010

Family Items in the DUP museum, Bannock County, Idaho Case

This blog is brought to us by my brother Charlie who visited the DUP Museum in Salt Lake.  I know they had their grand reopening this past weekend.

Billy I went to the Utah Daughter of pioneer museum today to take a picture of Issac Wardle's sword. To my surprise there were also other items there from the family. One item was a bracelet of Mary Ashton Wardle and some socks that Annie Wardle made and a lace of Annie Wardle. I attached pictures for you. All the items were in the Bannock County display.

 Of course Mary Ashton Wardle is Isaac's second wife.  Annie Sorenson Wardle is the wife of William Haston Wardle, who was Mary's and Isaac's only child as she passed away shortly after giving birth.

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  1. So neat to see these things. Thanks for sharing!