Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pictures of Isaac Wardle

Isaac John Wardle

Isaac John Wardle

Isaac with first and third wives

Isaac and his first wife Martha Ann Egbert Wardle

   Children Etna May, Silas and Junius

Isaac and his third wife Sophie Myers Wardle children Hannah, Charles, Atheamer

Sophia with Charles, William Haston (Mary's son) and Hannah

Mary Ashton Wardle (2nd wife)

Martha Egbert Wardle, Isaac John Wardle, Atheamer, Sophia Myers Wardle, Cora

Isaac Wardle home in Parker, Idaho
These pictures are of Isaac Wardle and his wives.  He had three different wives.  Mary Ashton died shortly after giving birth to her only son.  She would have been 18.  She looks older in her picture.   imagine she was old for her age, having survived freezing and starving conditions of the Martin handcart company, and been raised as an orphan.  (These pictures are from the CD that my brother put together for the reunion.)

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