Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thomas Morton; What I learned at the Family History LIbrary Today

I was looking at the microfilm from Salt Lake with regards to the Coalville Ward, Summit County, Ut membership records.  I finally actually found Thomas Morton.  The record indicated that he was baptized in 1847 in Whitwick, Leicestershire England.  He was baptized by an Elder Henry Platt.  He was born 23 Dec. 1830. His parents are listed as William and Mary Morton.  It also provided perhaps a clue as to why everyone thought he had not been baptized. 
Thomas' son, Herbert, was not baptized.  However the records I observed showed the baptismal records of his children, so even though Herbert was not a member, his children were members.  Thomas himself was a member, and in fact was an Elder.
I have also looked in the Whitwick records, and still have not found Thomas' baptism, but I am still looking.  However Elder Platt did most of the baptizing in the branch for this period of time.  I did find the baptismal records of the Baileys; Langley and his parents.  Langley was baptized when he was nine years old.  He was baptized by Elder Platt.  This makes me wonder if Isaac and Langley were friends or knew each other before they journeyed on board the Horizon together. 

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