Saturday, December 11, 2010

Close Your Eyes; Martin's Cove Song.

This is a simple song which honors the handcart pioneers as they were in Martin's Cove.  Its being simple is what made it so poignant, in letting people experience this event. When we performed this Ashley Orton sang this song and Bishop Joseph Eliason played the piano.  They did an excellent job.

The lyrics, in case they are hard to follow above:

Close you eyes, see them for real
Close your eyes and be on that hill.
Feel the wind bite at your face.
our thread bare coat gives you no grace.

Hear the snow crunch under your feet.
With the Saints, the cold try to beat.
The frozen ground under your bed
Gives you no place to rest your head.

Hear the wind blow through the trees,
Coyote's yell, song on the breeze.
Snuggle warm, the temperature falls,
Freezing, freezing, nothing thaws.

Close your eyes, see them for real.
Close your eyes, and be on that hill.

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