Thursday, December 9, 2010

William Haston Wardle, My Great Grandfather

William Haston and Anne Sorenson Wardle

William Haston far left, Uncle Doon, two sons-in-law and sons Wilford, Reed, Leo, Vernal, Orrin and grandson Dennis

William Haston, Audrey Wardle Chase, Kenneth Chase, Wilford Wardle Sr.

William Haston and Anne Sorenson Wardle

b: Leo, Wilford, Orring, William Haston, Vernal, Reed, Norval f: Delilah, Anne Sorenson, Mary Ann, Elbirdie (Leroy absent)

William Haston is second from right with Sophia (stepmother) and Charles and Hannah
 William was the only son of his birth mother Mary Ashton.  His father was Isaac Wardle.  His mother passed away shortly after birth and the tender age of 16.  William was raised by his father's third wife, Sophia Myers Wardle.  Our family lore indicates that his mother wanted to name him after her father William Ashton.  However on her death bed, her cockney accent was thick, and his middle name came out as Haston rather than Ashton.
b: Wilford, Audrey, Melissa, Mary, Anne (mother) Aunt Hattie f: Birdie, Delilah, Orrin, William (father) Week of July 4 1916

Half brothers, Charles, William Silas

Uncle Doon (Junius), Aunt Edna, Aunt Mary Peterson, Anne and William

William and Anne marriage photo

William and Anne center with children and grandchildren

William Haston


  1. In the group shot of William Haston Wardle and his posterity, are you able to identify anyone? Or do you know what year it was taken? It looks like the 1930s to me, and I'm trying to decide if my Grandma (Phyliss Wardle Olsen, born 1927) is in it.

  2. My father is in front 6th from left, Grandpa Wilford is 2nd from right with Grandma Melissa in front of him, Lula in front of Grandma, I think Audrey to left seated. I am pretty sure Verna and Phyllis are close to Lula. I will track down original to see if it is labeled. Billy