Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cold in Wyoming and Utah

It was cold on our trip to Utah (10 and a half hours from my sister's house to Utah) and was thinking of complaining.  However our travels eventually took us to Evanston.  The windshield wiper fluid froze in our car.  I had to get out and throw snow, or washer fluid on the windshield to clean it, as the moisture on the rode would make it hard to see through the windshield.  It was cold as we were traveling early.

Echo Canyon

Devil's Slide
But as we traveled through Echo Canyon, and into the Evanston area, I had to think of the handcart pioneers who were in the cold for over a month, with no shelter other than a tent and no heat other than a campfire.  I was inconvenienced.  But never was my life threatened, or was I subject to frostbite.  How did they survive?

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