Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Isaac Missionary Letter: Undated, Ideas on Polygamy

By looking at the letters, you can see why this was hard to transcribe:
& I Was glad to hear that our Worthey Bishop William A Bills and thomas Jinkins Was getting Redy to Bee a padner of Bro gorge Ranalds and stang[d] up for god and is kindom on the Earth by taking more Wives[.]  I hope that some of the Breathen Will faler sute[.]  if you have not got Eney more yong Ladaz to soply the Damand[.]  send me som money Breathen and I will send all you Want[;] thay is a grat many girls heare[.]  I hop that all the good Will Bee marid before I Come home[.]  to som good men that you Will Not have envy Look a Roud for me[.]  When I Came over 16 years old I Like to hear of them been Mothers When thay can[.]  [page 2]  I must tell you how i ham[.]  Engoing [enjoying] myself in i feel that god blessing is With me[.]  my Health was never beter than it is at this time[.]  i hope that this may be lot and Blasing [blessing] for it gratest gift of god[.]  to is months With is Spirit to Direct your Corce [course]: i was glad hear that the sheep had dun so Well[.]  send me Word as soon as you can all robekters [with respect to?] the lams and house [how] The crop is Looking[.] Excuae [Excuse] all mistake and Bad  spaking so more at Mistion [mission]  your husband and father Isaac J Wardle   kis each other for me[.]  children be kind to 1 another[.]  god bless you all[,] goodby for the present[.]

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