Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mary Ann Ashton: Note

Mary Ann Ashton Wardle b 1840 1850 Oldham, Lanchastershire, Eng
d. Apr. 5, 1869 - So Jordan, Utah
died at birth of son
William Haston Wardle
(only child)
Sept. 14, 1867 married
Isaac John Wardle
endowment house - SL.
plural wife - 2nd

I think these notes of those of my father, which would also be the source of identification.  I am sure he asked his father James Wilford Wardle Sr.

Charlie says not Dad nor Grandma because of a different r, maybe Grandpa. 

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  1. Charlie Wardle: Billy that is not dad's hand writing. His r's looked just like n's. I think grandpa Wardle r's were about the same way.