Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Passing of Joan Wardle Bingham: Information about Bill Green requested

My cousin has let me know of the passing of one of our relatives, Joan Wardle Bingham.

She is wanted to do genealogy on my Uncle Bill Green.  Here is her email to me:
Hi Billy,
I don’t know if you remember me or not. My name is Joanne Olsen Crook.  I am your cousin.  I am the daughter of Donna Phyliss Wardle and James Olsen.  I have started working on our genealogy and noticed that no work has been done on Uncle Bill’s line.  That would be Bill Claude Green the husband of Verna Wardle.  I was wondering if you or Aunt Ileen have any information on who his parents were?  I know he was born in Monroe Georgia and my brother Ray tells me that Bill’s parents were still there, or close to there, at the time of Danny’s birth.  They went and stayed with them for Danny’s birth.  Monroe is listed as Danny’s birth place also.  Any information you have would be appreciated. 
I looked on family search and verified that Uncle Bill's tree stops with him.

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  1. Bill Green's parents are Troy Green and Velma Crenshaw. I'll send Joanne an email with details that I have.