Thursday, October 12, 2017

Funeral Program: Uncle Bill Green

Uncle Bill and Aunt Verna met in the military.  Verna is my father's youngest sister, and Bill is her husband.  Because Bill was the only member of the church in his family, I have done some of his genealogy.  I discovered that his roots go back through the Georgia area.  In his line there were members who fought and died for the Confederacy during the Civil War.
As for Uncle Bill, they often lived some distance away, then there was a time they lived in Salt Lake City and Uncle Bill was a truck driver.  Growing up they always had Danny, who was older than I, about Connie's age.  Danny had red hair. 

Of particular note is the poem Aunt Verna wrote for the funeral program.  Many of my cousins served ask casket bearers, Dale and Roger Chase, Marvin Beesley, David Olsen.  Also son Danny.  James Olsen, Lula's husband, James, another uncle, gave the dedicatory prayer and Roger Chase the family prayer.

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