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Sunday, December 26, 2010


Because of the season, I am interested in Wardle family Christmas stories.  I don't know if anyone can go back as far as telling of any Christmas of Isaac Wardle, or of any of his children.  If anyone has any stories could they please share them, and we can put it into a blog.  Billy


  1. Virginia Hopson Billy, I don't know what Isaac did at Christmas, But my Dad (Atheamer's son) said on a good Christmas they would find an Orange on their plate, and a nickle under it. not so good Christmas's they would be lucky to find a penny under the plate but no Orange. Back in the 90's my daughter and I gave my Dad an up dated Christmas consisting of an Orange on his plate and Fifty cents under his plate.

  2. Reed Olsen: Hmmmm...I'm trying to remember what Grandma and Grandpa did on Christmas since we lived so close to them but I am mostly drawing a blank. I don't think we spent much time with them on Christmas although a lot of time on other days. After Grandpa died I used to go over twice a week and do chores for Grandma including filling up her coal stove. One of my strongest memories was Grandma brewing coffee for Grandpa every morning (common for older Mormons I might add.)