Friday, November 30, 2012

Isaac Missionary Letter: 1879

IJW to family apr 3 1879
Lamerdale [I could not find this town with Google maps, perhaps Ainsdale] Lanchastershire ED Spr 3 1879
To my Dare famaley Wives and Children knowing that you Wood Like to hear from me i take this opetunety to Right to you hoping tht thes fue Lines Will find you all Well as it Leves me at this time; thank god for it[.]  my feet is a grate Deal Beter[.]  i have Been to Day to a toune Callad onsknk [Ormskirk] to see the sants[.]  But i honley found 1 famaly in that Large Citey[.]  i ham staying to Night With old Bro and sister Rapley Wich takes Water and she Washis my feet for me and she gives me all the harbe Beer Drink to that i Want and thay firnish me a bad to sleep in Whan i call to see tham and give me the Bast they have to heat When i Call on tham[.]  so you see that the Lord as given me a home in the Land of stranges[.]  i have got [page two] some very     kind frends in this Districk Wich Dow all thay Can for me but it is Not Lik Beene at home[.]  i have Been so bisey that it seems that i have Not Left you but 8 or 9 Days[.]  April 1 i Baptized 7 more in to the Church[.]  i start in the Morning to the toune of Limm[.] i have Been thaire once before[.]  i Expet to Baptize 3 more then and then go to Liverpool; stay 3 Days and then Come Back to Wigan my hade quartes[.]  i hope to Baptize 5 more on my Way Back so you see that the Lord is Blesing my Lavers[.]  i have taken a Little Deferent way to What the other Elder as in the past i have visited some of the people in thayre houses and found it to bee very good so far[.]  but Whan they old man find it hout he may make a [page three] Nayse[.]  but that make no Difrence[.]  When the Birds are Caut in the Lord trap i Entend to [do] all i can in This Way[.]  Whan i Cant do Eney more in the houses then i Expet to Cal on some of the Local Breathen and sisters and go in the streets and see What We Can Du thaire[.]  i Think that the Lord Will happen up the Way so that We shall have a good havest of soles this somer[.]  We have got 13 (6 in my lat leter, 7 this) all Ready this spring in the Wigan Districk sinc i Came[.]  i hope to have some Newses from home before Long[.]  it seems that you have for got me but i hope Not[.]  send my Leters to Liverpoole as thay knouse Whare I am Most of the time and thay Will send them to me[.]  Bisness is getting Worse Evry Day[.]  it seems that peepel Will all most starve to [page four] this somer[.]  thousands of men are out of Work and Du not knowe What to Do to feed thare famaley on[.]  this Whick [wee] 2 man has hung them selve; 1 Last Whick because that thaire Children was cr[y]ing for Bread and thay had none to give them so thay tooke this Way to get out of truble[.]  i feel more thankful Evrey Day that i live that i Left this contry When i Did and that my Wives and Dear Children is Not hear now to see and feel What i Now Do[.]  i hope that you and all of the sants in South Jorden Will Make goo youse [use] of your time this yeare and Rase all you Can and Whan you have got a good harvist take god Care of it[.]  i think that With What i have seen it Will Not be Long till you [page five] Whantit Worse that you Do Now[.]  i Want you john to pay all our Dets and then keep out of Det[.]  Do all you Can for your mother and Sophia and the Children[.]  tell Willey to bee a good boy till I Come home and Joseph & Chales to bee god and Eniley & Mintez and Hannah to not for get What I told them before I left[.]  i Dow Not think that I shall bee hable to send them Eny thing[.]  if I Can get a Long with out Calling on you i shall Do[.]  Well i may have to send home for some More Closes but i shall Do s the Breathen in Liverpool offices tells me to Do[.]  if the people Can give the Elders some think to heat thay Will Do Well[.]  some of the Breathen have got help from home all Ready but i Du Not [page six] [intend] to call on you till i ham forst [forced] to Do[.]  i had a Little Money Left When I got to England but it took me some in fiting up so that I Cood go a round Respctble[.]  you Can not go heare as you Can at home[.]  We have got to Look lick gentlemen Whether We are or Not or We Can not get in With the peeple to talk to them!  Sen me Word how the sheep as Dun this Winter and how Maney Lams you have got and the i Will right to you and tell you Wht to Do about giving up sheep: tell all the fokes to Right to me[.]  give my love to all[.]  i must Cnclud With my love you and pray god to Bles you all[.]  your husband and father[,[ I J Wardle
Tell Bro Wit Bills to send Me small pees [piece] temple Rock in it Neus paper and the Mountian Wable and i be much bliged[.]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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