Monday, November 12, 2012

Your Heart Will Burn act 2 Scene 3, Florence, Nebraska

This scene starts with a meeting the Franklin Richards held with the Saints in Florence.  This is an actual meeting (at least two meetings were held) in which the Saints decided to continue onward as Florence represented the last opportunity to winter in the East.  The song "Cheer Saints Cheer" is an original song from this era and is in the book "Handcarts to Zion." 
This scene also presents the blessing which Langley received at the hands of Franklin Richards.  In one of Langley's histories he mentions that he was unconscious during this blessing.  His mother had originally petitioned Brother Toone, leader of a group of 100 for the blessing.  He had responded that he couldn't cure a dead man.  Elder Richard's blessing promised him that he would reach Salt Lake City alive.  
This scene also presents the death of Sister Sara Ashton.  She passed away in child birth at Cutler's park a day after leaving Florence.  Although not actually Florence, it is a community which had been inhabited during the winter of 1846 by the Saints that had fled Nauvoo.
One of my favorite parts in the musical is presented: The Campfire Dance.  This was choreographed by Tamara McGhie.  Music is played by Joe Eliason and Elaine Morris.  Mark (my son) and I wrote this music.  I wrote the violin line (melody) and Mark everything else.

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