Monday, November 26, 2012

Isaac's Missionary Letter; March 1879

IJW to home from Wigan march 11 1879
Wigan March 22 1879 England
been Caled away on the 9 Not having time to send my leter before going Whay[.]  i thought i Wood thake a fue more Minits before leving again[.]  i started for 2 visit among the sants but on starting i got a leter from my president in forming me to met him on the 13 of this Month at Upton Branch so i Was away 2 Days[.]  it is 10 clock[.]  i start at 11 on visiting thrue Branch to get my Report Ready for the president to see What i have been doing for 8 Dayes[.]  i Du Not knowe Whan i shall have the time to Right againe as i Canot Right in Evry plase that i go to[.]  i expet to bee away 8 to 14 Dayes[.]  i ham Well thank god in helth and sprit But Wood like to hear from home[.]  give my Love to all the Brothen[.]  i expet som of tham think i hught [ought] to Right to them But i have Not had time as yet so i shud Bee glad if they Wood Wate a little Wile[.]  i hope to have More time in 1 or 2 yeares from Now But tell them to Bee kind enug to Whrite to me[.] [page 2]i thought i shud Like to say one Word to my family in Regard to our tampral Walfare Before Closing[.]  I have not thought of tmprel things much since I left hom Which suprises my self ant Been Much of a spritel Minded Man befor Leving home)  i Wold like to have my son john send me Word how the sheep is getting along-and the horses of panados on the Winmucks and hou the Boys are Duing With the sheep and hou he is getting on in Every Respet with the family Walfare hoping that all is Whrite[.]  Du no fret about me as god is With me by is sprit and Will take Care of me and you all so if you Do What is Wright) if you Can get you Liknes taken send them to Me[.]  Marthannehave your and your Children taken gogather and Sophia and here Chjildren with William in with yours John a lone)  this Will give you some hiday [idea] of Wat i Want[.]  i must conclude With my Best Respet to you all[.]  i Remain fath Isaac Wardle[.]  good by for the present[.]

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  1. Thanks again for taking the time to transcribe and share theses letters! My son is serving in the Birmingham Mission and I really hope he gets a chance to go to Leicestershire at some point.