Thursday, November 15, 2012

Your Heart Will Burn: Act Two Scene Four, Near Chimney Rock

In this scene, we start with the pioneers talking about the Indian attack on the A.W. Babbitt wagon train in which a baby was killed as well as a couple teamsters.  The baby's mother, who had been part of the handcart company, but left with the wagons and a faster ride at Florence, was kidnapped by the Indians.  We see Peter teasing Mary Ashton.  This teasing of course is fictional.  Also is the relationship between the Baileys and the Ashtons.  There is no way of knowing what the relationships were.  However we do know Isaac was affiliated with the Baileys.

In this scene I make my most serious error historically in that I have Langley walking and helping with the handcart.  Langley was blessed that we would survive to Salt Lake.  Langley either road in Isaac's handcart, or after meeting the rescuers, road in a wagon, all the way to Salt Lake.  He weighed less than 90 pounds upon arriving, but he did survive, and slowly regained his strength.

Another thing that happened this date was the death of Sarah Ashton, the two-week old baby.  Her death is recorded in John Jaques journal and it indicates that she was buried near the baby from the Babbitt Company.

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