Sunday, April 21, 2013

Isaac, His Wives and Children, Photos

Please use these pictures with the above link which explains where everyone fits in.

Isaac Wardle

married (1) Martha Egbert


Isaac John Wardle married Alice Robinson

Samuel Smith Wardle (died as infant)
Crilla Marie Wardle Married Zachariah Butterfield

Araminta Wardle married Daniel Densley
labeled Mintia; Could the other be Crilla?

This is unlabeled, I am leaning towards William Haston and Araminta

Joseph Smith Wardle married Sabrina Ann Beckstead
Charles and Joseph

Hyrum Smith Wardle (died as infant)
Silas DeRoy Wardle married Emaline Orgill

Junius F Wardle married Edna Frances Vawdrey
Charles and Junius

Edgar Ray Wardle (died as infant)
Etna May Wardle Married John Willie Palmer

(2) Mary Ann Ashton

William Haston Wardle married Annie Serena Sorensen

William Haston and Annie Sorensen Wardle

3) Clara Sophia Eleanor Meyer

Charles Meyers Wardle married Harriet Rhodehouse
Charles and Harriette
Charles and Joseph

Charles and Junius

Hannah Wardle married Robert Newman Holt
Hannah and Etna May

Hannah and children

Atheamer M. Wardle married Rose Alice Powell

Wilford Woodruff Wardle .


  1. Michael Wardle: Billy,

    I commend your work to make the information available to all. Correction is needed for my grandfather Atheamer--no "L" in it. Interested to know what you found as to his middle name. His grave marker is Atheamer H. Wardle but somewhere in the many documents I vaguely recall a middle initial "M" but it doesn't show up in anything official, not his patriarchal blessing (which has him as Adheamer) nor his ordination certificates. Even in the financial documents that include Junius F. Wardle, there are none that have a middle initial for Atheamer.

    Interesting what “comes around.” Last year I purchased “The Orphans” painting from a studio in St. George. The information provided by the owner included the November 1916 Langley Bailey letter to Isaac John which she thought I might be interested which she had received from a Bailey family member. I thanked her but noted that the letter was found among the records left to me by my father—that I had personally met with the Bailey family and provided that letter to them as I also did to the museum at Martin’s Cove.

    I need to get together with Paul Romrell—soon—to review information left to him by “Aunt Faye.” If “originals” are found, I will copy them for the Isaac John collection in the Church History Department in SLC.

    I recently encountered a “new” family member, LaMont Bostrom of Nampa, Idaho, quite by coincidence in the Boise Temple and was able to provide the Isaac John CD (available to any and all) to him and his family; also to two other long-distance cousins that were unaware of the 2010 reunion.

    Michael Wardle


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