Monday, April 15, 2013

William Haston Wardle, Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah

Esshom, Frank, “Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah,”  Western Epics Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah 1966.

Wardle, William H. (son of Isaac J. Wardle and Mary Ann Ashton).  Born April 5, 1869, South Jordan, Utah.
   Married Annie Sorenson Aug. 27, 1890, Logan, Utah (daughter of Jens and Ane Sorenson of Murray, Utah, who cam to Utah August, 1869, Jens Johnson company).  She was born Feb. 19, 1871.  Their children:  James Wilford b. Nov. 1, 1891; William Leroy b Jan. 13, 1894; Mary Ann b. March 14, 1896; Leo Isaac b. Dec. 17, 1897; Vernal Haston b. Jan 26, 1900; Delilah Sarah b. Jan. 10, 1902; Reed Smoot b. Sept 2, 1904; Elbirdia Christina b. Oct. 18, 1906; Norval Junius v. March 21, 1909; Norman Andrew b. March 18, 1912.  Family home victor, Idaho.
   Sunday school teacher Wouth Jordan stake eight years; member of board of Y.M.M.I.A. Teton stake two years.  District assessor of Salt Lake county, Utah; member school board five years.  Rancher and sheepraiser.

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