Monday, April 8, 2013

Movie Review: ****In Their Footsteps of Faith

This is a short video on You Tube.  It is posted by McBride Productions.  his movie tells briefly the stories of the Martin Handcart Company.  It 's confirms Isaac Wardle comment that he pulled his handcart to after South Pass.  Langley Bailey is quoted talking about his brother, John, being chased by a wolf as he was interfering with their burial.  Isaac and John worked together burying many of those who died.  This presentation talks about the conditions of Last Crossing.  Our family lore talks of Betsy Ashton (great-great grandmother's sister) freezing her feet at the last crossing.  This movie explains why conditions were so cold in Martin's Cove. 
(my song about Martin's Cove,)
My only complaint was the crying baby in the background sound track; it was a bit much.

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