Friday, April 19, 2013

Isaac John Wardle Jr., Isaac's Oldest Son

This is From "Of Dugouts and Spires." 
Isaac John Wardle, son of Isaac and Martha Ann Egbert Wardle, was born October 31, 1861, in South Jordan, where he lived throughout his life.  His home was on 1300 West and about 9990 South, across from Fred Palmer’s.  He married Alice Robinson, who was born June 18, 1867, in Beauvale, Nottingham, England.  Their children were Melvin (died as a child), Bertha (md. Henry Holt; see Holt biography), Isaac Eli (died as infant), Lula May (died as child), Junius Samuel (md. Ivy Holt; died soon after his marriage, and his widow later married Thomas Newbold; see Samuel E. Hold biography), John (served an LDS mission to the southern states, never married), Hyrum (disappeared in California, where his car was found abandoned—his father spent considerable money to find him, but to no avail), Eldred (lived at about 10420 Redwood Road, just north of the Arthur Holt home).

Does anyone know anymore about the disappearance of Hyrum?  What year did this take place?

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