Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Letter to Isaac from William H. Haight, Fellow Missionary

Barrow in Furness
August 5, 1879

Elder Isaac J. Wardle
Dear Bro.
Since parting last I have ofttimes wondered what you was doing and where you was engaged.  Of course I knew what you was doing, but how was getting along was the enquiry.
It is about the same here as anywhere else in the world.  There are some good, bad and [page 2] indifferent.  I wish there was more of the good and less of the other sort, but as President Bunting says they are Ephraim.  The young man that Bro Bunting baptized up at Whitehaven is a good young Bro and they are a nice family, but it costs so much going there and back that I cannot stand much of it.  We have our meetings [page 3] and enjoy ourselves but not in the degree that we might.  I keep getting letters from home and all is well.  As usual Hyrum is well in health and dong the best he can.  Bro. South is still travelling with him.  I would rather be in my old district and it seems rather funny that I should be sent up her in a new district and the other two experienced elders, fifty or sixty years old, travel together but I suppose it’s all for the best.  Never mind old fellow.  We can only do the best we can wherever we are and that is, I believe our desire.
God bless you,
Your Bro.
Wm. H. Haigh
79 Upper Anson St.
Barrow in Furness
Do write back and never mind poor writing.  Send one as soon as you get this.

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