Saturday, October 26, 2013

Letter to Isaac While on his Mission: Maybe from his Son

Could this be from Isaac's son Isaac John Jr. who was in charge of the sheep operation
July the 6th, 1879
Good Morning to you
It is with the greatest of pleasure that i take my pen in hand to let you know how things is getting a long at home[.]  loss of sheep i raised eith 800 hundurot lamb the sheep went 5 ½  lbs to the head[.]  i got along firstrate With the sheep till after shiring and then i had a grate loss[.]  i snowed Down in the Basin and storm and catered the sheep[.]  i geatchercot as many as i possible could but Did not get them all[.]  i[t] have Been so that i could not see to the place any atall[,] searsley [Seriously] the water in [page 2] (27 in margin) Jordan river has Been so low that any one Could Walk a Cross With their Boots on[.]  i have Been running after the sheep and other things till i amm all most discurridge[.]  But i hope god Will strengthen you and kep your curreedge up for i will due the very Best i can for you and youre famley[.]  i can relies a little a Bout keeping a famley now.  i can not give up any sheep[.]  it Would Be the greates of pleasure if i only could have the piriveledge to talk With you a While but you are so far away and so now more John and so good By and god Bless you

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