Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Letter: John Egbert (brother-in-law) to Isaac Wardle

West Jordan July 27th 1879
Dere Isac Wardel, I take my pen up to let you know how things are at hoam[.]  we have had conciterabel [considerable] sicknes since you left.  Emma had a litel son but it 3 weeks and died[.]  she had a hard time but is giting around sloley[.]  we spent the 24 with St. Jourdan and took diner with Martha and Sofy[.]  at hoaur you famley wer all well[.]  The gathering was on slaver? Meadow commenced at 10 am with speeches singing music by the Band.  First racsing dismissed at 5 then to next at the ward hous at 7 o clock [page 2] to go forth in the Dance[.]  Thare has been severl called out of the Difernt wards since you left on mishons[.]  the suite?? of Briggans is casing [causing] a grat deel of talk and dissatsfation[.]  well Isac I will tell you how things are hear in generl as  a people in general the whole seem to be a sleep in a washer[.]  at the monthly Preasthood meating are porly reprzented[.]  Some wards has no reprzentin[.]  we keep up our Elders Monthley  sircateos we have 103 Elders; 37 in West Jordan Ward ancered to their naming the last meating.  South Jordan has 37; the last meating 9 ancered.  Grains ward has 17; thare was 6 ancered to there naims.  North Jordan has 18; the meating 5 ancered[.]  [page 3]  This is about the condition of the whole stak[.]  we have eathning meeting at West Jordan; a fieu attend and feel well[.]  I do not know any news to write[.]  I will end praying god to bless and protect you and wish you a safe return to your family and friends[.]  my famley send ther love to you.  Please ancer this[.]  take time and tell me all you can[.]  good by god bless you
John A Egbert

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  1. Iva Wardle Beckstead: Could this letter be from a brother-in-law John A. Egbert? I have Isaac John Wardle's father-in-law as Samuel Egbert.
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    Billy Wardle You are right, Martha does have a brother named John. Father's name is Samuel