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Letter from Isaac to Home July 2, 1879

In this letter Isaac accepts the baby's name, talks of his health and being busy.  He mentions a poem, and hopes Minty [Araminta] would learn to sing it when he returns.  Minty must have been the singer in the family.
July 2, 1879
Wigan Lancshire ED
To my Deer Wives and Children it is With plusher that i have this privleg to anser you faver of June 11[.]  i was glad to hear that you all was Whell and all so to hear that Mother Was thrue safe her confinement so fare and to heare that she had a sone[.]  i sent a Name for him but the 1 you have sute me very Well[.]  take good Care of him and all of the oters and your selves till i Come home so that i Can have the privlig to see you all againe[.]  i hope that you are all Well[.]  i ham a little Beter than When i Rote last[.]  this Climit is very ingures [injurious] to meny of the Elders[.]  I have Been posted to go home this somer if i may Call it somer[.]  it as Raned Every Day but 4 [page 2] Month[.]  it is as Cold all the time as it his in April at home[.]  i hope i shall be hable to stand it so that i Can Do the Work i Came for to Doue[.]  it is hard Work for me to speek out Dones My Lung is so bad With the Damp Whather but We hope to have somer after awile[.]  be of good Chear[.]  all Will Bee Well[.]  i Was glad to Reseve the present you sent me[;]  the baby haire[,] all so the 5 $[.]  i Did not knowe how to get a Long for Want of money[.]  i have not had a nuf to pay maile Makers sinc i Came to England so you see that i Neaded it[.]  the sants Wood Doue more for me if thay Cood.  But thay have not got it to Du Wilth[.]  all of the Elders have had to have help from home or bring it With them[.]  [page 3] i Mean all i have seene[.]  i was at Liverpool Esisting to fit out the Last Compney of sants Which No 622 soles[.]  the 1 before Was 170; the 1 before that was 173 total 965.  This is Doing Well for this year so far[.]  thay Will more in the fonte?[.]  be kind to Eney of them that Come to see you as some Will come if thay Can[.]  tell John Spencer i Will visit is brother if Can before i come home but i ham so bisey at present that it makes it imposeble at present[.]  tell Brother Winward that i have Not seen his sister as yet[.]  i Do Not knowe when i ahsll have the privlig to Do it[.]  We the Elders are very Bisey and have not time to go to see frends as yet[.]  i Rote to him but have Not [page 4] Receved aney anser[.]  if he as Not got it tell him to Right to me[.]  tell my Duck mother Egbert to bee good to father Egbert and all the family and to you give my Love to Mother Becksted and all the Nebers[.]  Let all the Children Right a Litle to father is nomore than 1 word a peace[.]  i send you a peace of poetry Wich Was given to me [be] a sister[.]  tell minty to larnet so that shee Can sing it to me When i Come[.]  i Du not Whant to have my Liknes taken again yet[.]  i mist conclude this short Later praying god to bles you all[.]  i Remain your husbend and father f[as] away from home[.]  Isaac J Wardle

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  1. Thank you, Billy. These are such a treasure. -Jonathan Wardle