Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I need help

I have a of William Haston's family.  The picture identifies a woman holding a baby as Aunt Hattie.  The closest I come to this is Harriet Rhodehouse, the wife of Charles.  Charles and William were close in age so this is a possibility.  I was wondering if anyone new of anyone who could be closer?  I checked the sisters of Annie and no one has a name similar to this.  Harriet had a baby who would have been two months, named Harriet Wardle.
b. Wilford, Audrey in arms, Melissa, Mary, Anne (mother) Aunt Hattie, baby
f. Birdie, Delilah, Orrin, William (father)


  1. "Aunt Hattie" looks like the picture I have hanging on my wall of Harriet Wardle. (She's my husband's great-grandma)

    1. Married to Charles Wardle right? Thank you