Saturday, November 9, 2013

Isaac Missionary Letter Home May 13

I like the not from the margin, "Kiss all the children for me.  I ever see them and you in my mind."   There is a page change in the middle, with an entirely diferent subject.  He talks of helping with the immigration, and hoping his family can meet a woman who has helped him on his mission.
[Upper margin] kis all of the Children for me[.]  i Ever see them and you in my mind[.]  god bless
Banken [Blanken] May 13 1879 Chester
Dear Wives and Children it is With Love and afecton that i take this opotunety to Right to you in anser to you favor Wich was to hand on 6[.]  i Was glad to hear frome you and to Larne that you Was all so Well and getting along so Well and that god had spared all of you so fare and i hope that he Will Continue to Bles you and perseve you and pros[p]er you in all that you have to Du[.]  i am as Well as Cood be expcted in this Damp Climit[.]  i have had a very bad Cold and Cofe most of the time i have been in England[.]  it [h]as Efected my memery very much so that it makes it bad for me to stand up to speek[;] Espeshley out Dores[.]  but I hope before Long i shall be beter When the Whather gets Warmer[.]  Don’t fret a bout me[.]  god Will take Care of me[.]  i knowe it[.]  i shall not Right much this time as i send you my Likness and [the following page does not seem to be in order]  to other land of some girls that Work in the pit Bank[.]  among the Gale i shall send you some girls that Work in the factry as so one and I Can some of them has told me that thay Will get them for me[.]  i feel first rat in my Labers so far but as you said i had some think to pas thrue[.]  that is true[.]  but What of thata it is all Right[.]  I hope that you and all of my Brethen and sisters is Well and that god Will Bles you all[.]  i knowe that the Lord [h]as blesed me sinc i Left home[.]  We are holding out Dore meting and the do man is Making a Litle Noise in som plases but that all Right[.]  i Espet to be in Liverpool on the 23 and 24 to help to fix up the Compney that Will start than thay Will be 1 sister and her son Come in that Com by the name of Brooks[.]  if you Cood be at the City When thay get their she will tell you how i am getting along[.]  she [h]as been very kind to me[.]  Du the same to her[.]  she [h]as my Liknes[.]  i gave it to her[.]  Excuse Liter short as i Canot get posteg stamp[.]  good by  I J Wardle

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