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Isaac Wardle Mission Letter from England: April 23 1879

In this letter Isaac advises young men who may follow him into the mission field, gives a baptism account, talks of coming off victorious against a clergyman
Wigan Lankershire End Ap 23 1879
Dearest Wives and Children it is With feelings of a thankful harte that i set Doune at this time to Anser your kind and most Welcome Leter Wich Came to and me 22[.]  i Was thank to almity god that that he had brught you thrue the spell of sicknes that you have had sinc i Left home and that you fell that god blessing Was and is still With you and that you have Confedenc in the holey prestod and servents of god hear on the Erth[.]  i hope that you May Ever have this same sprit to bee With you Comfet and Console and Shrenthen you in all that you may bee Caled to pass thrue[.]  and i hope that you Will feel to Exnolize [recognize] the hand of god in all you and me have to pass thrue and think that We must bee tried and proven in all things so that When We get Thrue With this Mortle Life We may be Counted Worthey of etrnal Life in the kindom of our god When he shall Come to Raine With is sants on the Erth When thay Will be no more sicknes sorouse [sorrows] and missiry but all Will be joy and non Will have to Wander in Earth to Looke after the Lost sheep of house of Esreal and go from house to house as i and my Breathen have to Du in these Days in sarch of the honest in harte and We may theach them the first prinseples of the gospel[.]  i hope We shall be fathfull to our trust Wille [while] We are in this and other Lands so that the time Will soone Come when Esreal Will be gathered home to Meet With you and god and and all the fathful and Rejoice With the sants of god in valleys of the mountins[.]  i hope that you and my Breathe [brethren] Will not think that We the Elders have Not Enething to Du  When we get hear but to go about With our hands in our pckets[.]  i Wood Like to Empres on the mind of my sons and yong Breathen [page 2] the Nesey of storing thine mind With all they law With Christen proof of the Work of god in Wich thay say thay Bleed and all so I larne speek in publick so that when many of them may be Caled to Come to this and other Lands thay may have something to say.  The short time i have been heare i have found Wat Little i Did precklis [preaching] Before i Came to be of grate Benefet to me[.]  i Coud not help thinking of my yong Men on 16 instant When i Was holding a Discushen With one of the Larned Devines or Clargman in the Church of England[.]  i thought o boys store up nolegs [knowledge] all you Can for you no [know] not When you Will want it[.]  i felt the Nead of it very much but to my oon [own] prise the vishin of my mind Was hopend so that me and the Lord Came of victores[.]  the gentlemen Wood Not stay to finish the Wrok he had begun and he Left in hast While the people Wondered houe it Was that he Been so hige [high] larned Coud not Du Eney beter[.]  so you see that the mind Wood be much beter for this tasks if WE Dun all We Coud Before We come heare then With the sprit of god to Esist [assist] us We Can Come victores and give god the prais[.]  this i had to Du for i knode that his sprit Was With me on the Ecation [occasion][.]  i told you in my Last that we thaught that the old man Wood Make a Noyse after a Litle[.]  he as commenced all Ready but this Materth Not[.]  We have Baptized sinc our Last Confanc in hall [all] 19.  6 by Elder Wilkins 3 by El hage 10 by myself thru the Blesing of god[.]  With a fue more most Ready god been Willing We shall have them before Long[.]  Breathen give us your prairs that god may blas our Labers in this land for We feel thou We may plant it is god that givs the Enkeas [increase] [.]  this Been so give us you fath and Confadenc and prairs Breathen[.]  [letter ends here but there may be more elsewhere.] 

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