Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Letter to Isaach from Brother William H Haigh May 4, 1879

Top margin: Brother Bunting expects to be at Inee? On Tuesday

Preston May 4, 1879
Isaac J. Wardle Esq.
Dear Brother

I take the present opportunity of letting you know that the cold that I took has not killed one.  But I have not as yet got over it.  I received a letter from Hyrum Bennion yesterday and he endorses all you said about Bro. South and he says he would not care if he only could see a cat from Utah and he also mentions Bro. Oliver and says that he has seen his folks and that he was going to see his Brother.   
Hyrum also wishes to know if you have a young man herding sheep anywhere in South Jordan by the name of Seal.  Please inform me it unless you wish to write to Bro. Bennion 11 Harding St Lawrence Hill, Bristol.  And please let me know when you are coming to go around with me or will you put it off until the next ship goes.  I got another letter from home of yesterday saying they are having dry times.  Please remember me so Father Mother Mary also the son William and don’t forget sister Ann.  Also the Bennett and Glover families and all the Saints in Wigan, Bro Ga Owin, all the Nophell? and Saints and all the Saints at Digmore, especially the lodger and sis Derbyshire and Dick and Jack and Sis Brook and the Runcorn Saints and yourself from your Bro in the Gospel Wm H Haigh.  Tell Lord Skelmersdal that I am well.

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