Sunday, October 27, 2013

Three Missionary Letters to Isaac from S.D. Drinkwater

These three letters seem to be correspondence from a member missionary, who is reporting on the progress he is having.  We do not have the privilege to read Isaac's letters which prompt these replies.  It is interesting that members have been expected to help with missionary work since the early stages of the Church, which responsibility continues today.

Lymm June 10th 1879
Elder Wardle
Dear Brother
I got ready last Sunday morning for Mobberley But on a/c of the weather Rain-Thunder and Lightening I did not venture to go the distance being at the least 18 miles there and back and I left my Umbrella at Runcorn the Sunday before[.]  But all being favorable I intend to go on Sunday next and I think it would be nice to postpone your visit for a week or two longer till I have been to see him and then I will send you the particulars[.]  Should you see or meet Elder Bunting you can tell him that I have received Stars from the office number 20 and 22 But I have not as yet had No 21 and I want to Know who I am to pay for what I receive.  [pg 2] With love to you all I close and remain your Brother in the Gospel
 S. D. Drinkwater

June 11th Lymm Cheshire
Elder Wardle
I write to inform you that I went to Mobberley on Sunday last and I found it to be farther than what I expected.  It appears they are about the same distance from Manchester as we are, 14 miles[.]  I think the nearest way from Lymm to Mobberly will be at the least 9 miles.  But I did not find it under under 11 miles.  It seems that all I asked could not direct me aright.  Brother and Sister Starkey agreed to come to Lymm with a portion of their family on Sunday June 29th.  This is about all that one can say on the subject.  We are all in hood health and join in Kind love to you and remain as heretofore.  S. D. Drinkwater.  [pg 2]  Mr D. Drinkwater Smithey View Lymm near Warrington Ceheshire [Chestershire]

Lymm August 21st, 1879
Elder Wardle
I wish to inform you that with two of my sons I am going to pay a visit to my Son Alma in Warrington on Sunday next.  It is the third time I hae made a promise to him and never been so that I did not wish you to be disappointed and Elger Gill expecting to see me and we to be way off you don’t feel to come.  You can appoint another Sunday and let me Know and I will be at home.  I have not time to reply to your letter[.]  However you may content yourself[.]  I am not aware of anything wrong on your part.  Far from it.  I wish my best? To Elder Gill wife and family and all the Saints in Rincon[.]  Please accept the same to yourself, from your undutiful Brother
S.D. Drinkwater

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  1. We are sure Isaac had no idea we could read these letters..It appears he was loved and respected..We are so looking forward to meeting him on the other side..Our son Isaac named after Grandpa has had wonderful experiences as he has visited Martins Cove..They give him a red carpet welcome....Ned and Janet Wardle Thank you for your research