Sunday, November 19, 2017

Funeral of Trevor Wardle: 2009

Funerals, although sad, are good for genealogy, because in brings family together.  Here are pictures of my family from Trevor's funeral.  Trevor is my nephew, Weldon's youngest.  Trevor died in a car accident.
Sara and Trevor
Jared, ??, Amber, Mom, Clyde
Mom, Diana, Krista
Weldon, Myself, Sheri, Caleb, Miranda and Charity
Charlie, Diane, Mom, Mark, Krista
Natalie, Weldon, Nicole, Mark, Krista
Anna, ??, Sue and Weldon
Mom tnd trevor
Sue's parents and Trevor
Dustin, Trevor, Rochelle, Amber
Weldon, Sue, Trevor
Jesse, Connie, Mark, Kelly, Nicole, Katharine
Myself, Charity, Sheri, Miranda, Ty, Mark
Weldon, Clyde, Caleb
pallbearers, myself, Clyde, Mark, Dustin
Pallbearers, Charlie, Kelly, and Sue's brothers
Diana and Heather
Weldon and Sue
Anna, Diana, Heather

Charlie, Missy, Jesse, Kelly, Connie, Michael

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