Friday, November 24, 2017

Logan Fourth Ward Relief Society 1992

This picture is among my mother's keepsakes.  My mother is in the fourth row, second from the left.  It shows the relief society with Bishop Sorenson.


  1. Jennifer Hyde: Hey, I see me!

    Dixie Delling: My mom is in the 5th row near the center

    Sarah Andersen Sparks: I spy my lovely grandma

    Sarah Andersen Sparks: Beverly wheeler and my great grandma Ora winn

  2. Cory Yeates My Grand parents were long time 4th warders. Grandma died in '90.

    Becky Choate Sandoval I grew up in the 4th Ward, left in 1975, oh how I love that building and the memories.

    Dean Meservy My father’s funeral was held in that ward. In 1992, as it happens.