Friday, November 10, 2017

Genealogy Letter from Roy and Agnes Shaw

My father contacted the Shaws seeking genealogy information.  He provided a graph for them to complete.  This is Ray and Agnes Shaw, my Dad's aunt and uncle.
Sept 30, 1965
Jerome, Idaho
Dear Jim and family:
It was real good hearing from you.  It has been a long time since we saw you folks, and would love to get down that way to see you.  It's been a long time since we were in Salt Lake and I'm homesick to see my boy and family who lives there.  We had a letter from your mother too telling about her fall, that poor soul surely has gone through a lot of misery and suffering.  I know in part what a lot of pain she is suffering as I have two bad discs in my back and the sciatic nerve is pinched.  I've worn a brace for two and a half years and have been sleeping on a hospital bed all summer and it is so painful sometimes I can hardly stand it.  These poor old bodies do wear out.  Uncle Ray isn't too good.  He can't hardly do anything anymore.  He goes fishing once in a while and makes it to town about every day for exercise.  He sleeps a lot too.  He's sure thin to what he was.  The information you have on the sheet is O.K. except you spelled my name wrong.  It's Agnes and that's my full name.  This is all personal knowledge.  I guess you know that ray and Florence never went to the temple so there was no temple divorce.  ray say he surely is thankful they never went to the temple and to tell you he's mighty glad he's free from her for evermore.  Of course I had a temple divorce and Ray and I were married in the temple.  I might tell you too that Ray was ordained a high priest on Aug 15th this year and we are real happy about that.  We were up to Howard's funeral.  It was a real lovely funeral too.  My he surely suffered a lot.  We went up and saw him about a month before he died and he was just skin and bones.  All are having beautiful weather since everything is frozen and the big snow storm the middle of Wept.  We are planning on going to Idaho Falls the first part of Oct. so we'll see your mother then.  Hope you can all stay well and happy.
Love Uncle ray and Aunt Agnes.

A few years later, Agnes is front left and Alma Ray Shaw front right.

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