Sunday, November 5, 2017

Reed Smoot Wardle: Obituary

Reed was my Grandfather's brother, and my father's uncle.  He worked in freighting, construction, retail sales.  Reed is the son of William Haston Wardle and Annie Sorensen Wardle.  He was the seventh of eleven children and the fifth of eight boys. 


  1. Reed Olsen I was named after. Apparently my mom like her uncle Reed.

  2. Rod Jackson That’s my Grandfather! My Mom’s maiden name is Joyce Wardle, REED’s only child. I am his only Grandson.

    Reed Olsen Well, hi Rod. I'm named after your grandfather. My mom is Phyliss Wardle. Her dad, Wilford, was your grandfather's older brother.

    Rod Jackson Reed - Yes, I remember Uncle Wilford. I meant him once at a Wardle Family Reunion at Ross Park in Pocatello, Idaho when I was about 11yrs old. That would have been about 1966

    Rod Jackson Reed - Where do you live?

    Reed Olsen I live in Springfield Missouri. I'm a college professor winding down towards retirement. Where do you live Rod?

    Rod Jackson We live in Sandy, UT. My mother is still living and we just moved her down here several months ago after my step father died. I’ve got about 5 years left until retirement.
    Reed Olsen So did your grandfather Reed go to college Rod? The story my mom told me is that Wilford was taken out of school pretty young to help his dad. I'm not sure he even finished grade 8. I know his brother Norville had a Ph.D. And taught at Iowa State for years.

  3. Rod Jackson Grandpa Reed never graduated. I helped him write his Biography and he was only able to go thru either 4th or 8th grade. He too helped our Great Grandfather deliver USPS mail by sleigh over the Jackson Pass. He mentioned doing that with your grandfather and their Dad.

    Rod Jackson Grandpa made quite a good living for himself notwithstanding his lack of formal education. He founded Wardle Concrete Ditch lining which lined many of the irrigation ditches in southern Idaho and western Wyoming.

    Rod Jackson How did Uncle Wilford do as he was bringing up his family?

    Rod Jackson Also, was Norville the youngest of the brothers?

    Reed Olsen Yeah I think Norville was the youngest son, correct Billy? I think my grandpa had a bit of a tough time especially thru the depression. He did the freighting with his dad early, helped to build some roads, herded sheep, and then mostly farmed. He had a farm outside Rigby when I was born up until he retired.

    Reed Olsen I think maybe Billy Wardle has some freighting pictures although I'm not sure Reed is in them.

    Rod Jackson Grandpa Reed was kind of all over the place in southern Idaho. My Mom came thru his first marriage. He was married three times. He and his third wife, Lucile, lived in Idaho Falls where he passed away.

    Rod Jackson Reed is in some of the pictures I have.

    Reed Olsen You should put up the pictures here.

    Rod Jackson Reed - I’ll look thru some things in the coming days and post some.

    Billy Wardle Reed Olsen Orrin was the youngest.