Sunday, November 12, 2017

Passing Our Heritage Along

I came across a book by Patricia Polacco "The Keeping Quilt" which explains how her family kept the traditions of the past alive by making a quilt using many worn items from the past.  The grandmothers would use the quilt to teach her grandchildren about their heritage and past.  I have been wondering, what things do we use to pass on our heritage. 
In my own life I have used stories and pictures.  I have a good collection of pictures which I place in this blog and anyone is able to down load them.  I also research stories, handcart stories, and others.  Most recently I was introduced to a story about my mother's half brother through family search.  I share these stories with family.  However, I don't know of any physical object I might use.  Except for perhaps the painting of Mary Ashton which was painted by Julia Rogers which I hand at my office and at home.  It reminds me where I come from.;postID=6151447034198453088
Wondering if anyone else has some examples of how they pass on their heritage, there "Sho we are" story. 

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