Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Aunt Phyliss Wardle Olsen

Just younger than Dad.  Dad and she attended high school together.
Could someone name the front row for me and less any additional siblings.
back Phyliss, Reed, Ray, Donna front Sharon, David, Denise, Joanne

Reed playing ball

David, Donna, Ray, Reed, Denise, Sharon, Sandra, Joanne


  1. The top photo, front row is, left to right: Sharon, David, Denise, Joanne.
    Mom's name was not spelled in the typical manner. She spelled it 'Phyliss.'

  2. Reed Olsen Front: row is Sharon Olsen Shiman and David. Back row is Ray (James Ray) and Donna. I'm standing next to mom then Denise and Joanne Crook. Our youngest sibling, Sandra Olsen Johnson, is not yet born. Mom may be pregnant here in this picture, it's hard to tell. She was born a few months after I turned 15.

  3. Sandra Olsen Johnson: Yeah, I never made it into the older pictures. On the other hand, I'm still pretty young!