Saturday, January 18, 2014

Charles James Wright and Mina Geneve Brandley Sealing in the Idaho Falls Temple

My mother with her two sisters were sealed to her parents 5 July 1946.  My mother would have been 17 at this time and entering her senior year of high school.  This is my mother's story of this event.

Entering the doors of the Idaho Falls Temple, where everyone was dressed in white, and so beautiful, was what I I had always pictured heaven was like.  My sisters and I were taken to the nursery.  We waited a long time in the nursery as my father was taking out his endowments.  Finally, after being dressed in white, we were taken to the sealing room and as we walked in our parents were kneeling at the altar.  My father was crying and this really touched me as I had never seen him cry before.  My sisters and I also knelt at the altar and a sealer came and talked to us.  He then began to offer the ceremony.  He started and stopped and asked my parents, "Brother and Sister are these all your children?"  Mother said yes, all that the had together.  Once again he started and stopped and asked the same question.  Mother answered again, "Yes."  On the third time he stopped and mother said, "Our first baby we had together was a little boy who lived fifteen minutes and died right after birth."  The sealer said, "Well that is the spirit that is waiting to be sealed to you."  A man came in and stood as proxy for C.J. and then he sealed us as a family.  This has always been a strong testimony to me and at that time I knew I wanted to live my life so I could be married in the temple.

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